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Each year, dealers and franchisees spend hundreds of millions in co-op. How much of that money is wasted?

How many leads or sales are these campaigns generating? Are those dollars working as hard as they could be?

Clarity is the first co-op and compliance solution designed to improve the quality and efficacy of local marketing efforts. We’ve combined a powerful software tool and marketing support team to create a holistic program that makes your co-op marketing smarter and more efficient.

Strengthen the connection between Tier I and Tier III, and gain a new insight into your complete marketing programs.
Franchise Systems
Franchise Systems
Improve franchisee marketing with better brand compliance and marketing guidance.
Service Operations
Service Operations
Make local marketing work harder and drive brand consistency at the ground level.

It's time to evolve your dealer marketing.

Which dealers are running ads? Who is being targeted? Who’s running Sales Event advertising next week? Which dealers are promoting the launch? Are customers responding and where? Clarity provides you a look into what’s happening to allow for maximum consistency and measurement.

See what’s running, AND what’s coming
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See ROAS/ROI & find out what’s working
Learn which agencies are performing best by channel

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Chris McTague
Managing Director