Leveraging Predictive Analytics #ForTheWin

Using customer insights to drive transactions during off-peak periods
As the world’s largest video game retailer, GameStop has a huge selection of new and used games at great prices. However, the company’s loyalty members exhibited a tendency to shop exclusively when a new game title was released. GameStop’s stakeholders came to us with an interest in driving trade transactions during non-peak times through incremental visits. By leveraging predictive modeling tools, we knew we could determine which members were most likely to trade games based on past purchase behaviors. We theorized we could use the insights to deliver relevant and targeted messaging to this core audience and drive traffic during off-peak periods.
Advancing to the next level
We delivered an informed communications strategy, but our work didn’t stop there. The next step in our engagement plan was to collaborate with loyalty platform partners. Specifically, we used the insights gleaned from predictive modeling to deliver dynamic creative templates and email designs versioned on identified gamer preferences. We further enhanced the program by creating a test plan to continuously evaluate results and drive on-going optimizations.
Achievement unlocked
We effectively and efficiently used predictive analytics to identify opportunities, deliver targeted messaging and do what matters most—engage customers and drive sales.

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