Redefining Retail for the Masters of Style

Create an online shopping experience that delivers Mitchells’ legendary standards
Now in its third generation, the clothier known as Mitchells has built a heritage on exquisite designer goods and exceptional service. Without question, their style advisors love their customers (they even wrote a book called “Hug Your Customers”). And their customers love Mitchells’ personalized service. When this luxurious brand decided to develop e-commerce, no commodity digital experience would do.
Making what works, work better
We started by showing the Mitchells team an ideal-state customer journey. Using those insights, we started constructing the website. Our goal was to empower the store’s style advisors to maintain and nurture their already-impressive relationships with their clients, but in a way that used digital touch points to enhance - not replace - personal contact.
The world’s first digital “hug”
True to the Mitchells family tradition, the experience is now a digital “hug”, delivering on the company’s vision of adding value through unsurpassed service and a uniquely warm environment.

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