A Beautiful CRM Makeover

Data collection is key, but successful interpretation takes talent. Tandem Theory has the expertise to gather the right data and translate it into customized CRM programs. By successfully leveraging the management of multiple digital channels, better customer relationships are built. Taking a modern approach to CRM provides concise communication and relevant engagement that delivers a win-win for everyone involved.

Boost visits and transactions through a sophisticated CRM strategy
Sally Beauty is known for providing "beautiful finds at beautiful prices", but they were experiencing a high attrition rate with existing customers and missing opportunities to add new customers to their loyalty program. Their CRM program needed a makeover of its own, so the revamp of the program was addressed head-to-toe to achieve dramatic results. The strategy included a complete technology infrastructure overhaul, the development of relevant targeted campaigns, and the introduction of new channels into the CRM communications strategy. By analyzing customer shopping behaviors and transactional data, and supporting the implementation and evaluation of channels to identify true ROI, engagement rates improved through harmonious targeted messaging across multiple channels.
Attract more business with a CRM program makeover
With rejuvenated insight and an innovative plan of attack, a complete CRM program overhaul was developed. Tight integration with Sally Beauty team produced appropriate and sophisticated campaigns to guide customer actions. An innovative digital media platform was introduced that allows first party matching to deliver relevant messages via paid digital media outlets, and new paid and owned channels were integrated into the updated CRM strategy. Once the plan was in play, the analysis of existing data was used to discover usable information about Sally Beauty’s customer base, including purchasing habits and individual needs. This information was used to inspire customers through personalized campaigns – to guide them through product lifecycles via a series of customized, automated communications focused on targeted expert advice, complementary merchandise suggestions and product replacement reminders. The campaign included orchestrated multi-touch email and digital communications as well as improved social media interaction.
A lasting beauty partnership for all
With the CRM program overhaul in place, Sally Beauty experienced a growth in sales as well as an increase in customer store visits. The enhancements also led to the company’s highest-ever loyalty membership renewal rate and a triple digit increase in engagement rate

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