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15400 Knoll Trail Dr
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Dallas, TX 75248
15400 Knoll Trail Dr
Suite 503
Dallas, TX 75248
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Welcome to a better client experience.

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We’re a data-savvy marketing agency focused on delivering results for clients and engaging experiences for their customers.


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Nine ways Tandem provides clients with a better agency experience

It’s simple statement, but an important one. You deserve an agency that listens. We seek to understand your problems rather than selling our services, no matter whether it’s a project, a resource, or a long-term engagement.

At no incremental cost, every client benefits from the experience of a senior executive with over 20 years in the business.

Sure we have job titles, but as we’ve grown, we’ve maintained a flat structure that allows us to be agile in a rapidly changing world. It’s a level of responsiveness that’s hard for the traditional large-agency model to match.

Forget big reveals - We work with clients every step of the way. Have in-house resources for part of an engagement? No problem. We play nicely with your people and partner agencies, too.

Our fees are based on a standard multiple, actual resource costs, and the estimated level of effort for each task. We are also open to risk-adjusted, performance-based fees. We aren't afraid to make investments in our work.

Don’t like our work? You’re never stuck with us. We believe that contracts should define the business relationship rather than handcuffing you to something that's not working.

When one agency wants to provide every service, there's a problem.  We know what we do well.  If a client's needs extend beyond our core competencies, we are upfront with clients about this and bring in experts from these other disciplines.

Tandem is adept at working in enterprise environments where there are multiple agencies or internal stakeholders from different departments. From marketing and corporate communications to technology and governance, we work well with others.

Tandem has earned a reputation for helping clients successfully transition away from dysfunctional agency relationships. We believe that clients should be able to easily move their business anywhere they choose. And we're committed to making that happen whether a client is joining us or leaving us.


We have one singular focus: being great business partners by meeting you at your point of need. That means we work side by side with you to overcome challenges and maximize your growth.

It’s a culture where people enjoy their work and clients stay with us. We make data-driven improvements. We measure and iterate. We aren’t afraid to take calculated risks and to innovate. We love what we do. When you see the results, you will, too.

National Retailer

Tandem provides this national retailer with a full suite of marketing services across almost every channel. From leadership to account personnel, members of our team have worked with this client for over 15 years.

Global HVAC Manufacturer

Tandem provides this global HVAC manufacturer with a range of services in support of brand creative, distributed marketing, and dealer operations. Tandem also proudly produced their commercials for the 2021 Summer Olympics.

Experiential Dining

Tandem manages CRM and guest service programs for this family of national restaurant brands. The scope ranges from CRM and fraud prevention to data engineering and digital guest services. 

Personal Care Services

By analyzing transactions, Tandem helped the brand discover hidden gems in their data. This enabled better marketing and business decisions, relating to loyalty, retention, and promotions.

B2B Protective Coatings

Tandem provided branding, positioning, creative, and web development services to this protective coating company in the design and launch of their antimicrobial protective coating product.

Ready for
something better?

Tired of the traditional agency model? We’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re an agency looking for a better experience or talent looking to help us deliver it, we’re always interested in connecting with people and partners that have a passion for excellence.


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